Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back home again in Indiana, but too busy unpacking to spend any time online. Hoosiers- call, text, or stop by (AM or dinner time only pls)

Wrong season, right idea.  Yep, we've traded the hustle and bustle of Chicago for more relaxed and friendly (and friend filled) environs.  

The move was a nightmare... we would have done better to hire my homeless friends to pack and load.

Already though, my H.S. best friend has spent the afternoon with me because he knew I needed a friend and because he missed me (it'd been over a year!), and have made contact with or seen several other dear ones in my life.

Most of our stuff is still in boxes, it'll be a while before I have the time or energy to spend any amount of time online.

Hoosier folk reading this though- please do call, text, or stop by!  Our general schedule is awake and upacking 5a - noon, noon-2 wind down, 2-? nap, ? - 8, dinner and "Mama time", so mornings or around 7pm are the best time to catch us.  Eventually that will even out / change, but right now, there's a lot to do.

  Setting down new roots, even in fertile familiar soil, takes a lot of time and energy.

Barb's move was equally inept- about half the boxes marked for her went here and vice versa, but it was less stuff and a shorter distance, so less opportunities for destruction.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Its a good move for us to make, but its not made without sadness- A Fond Farewell to Chicago... and to all of you for a while too

Yes, I've been busier than... a campaign worker taking down all the yard signs, or a reporter trying to get an interview with anyone who's ever known and might work for the Prez Elect.

But I've been taking time to shoot some of my best, most picturesque, and most poignant videos and stills of Chicago ever.  They'll mostly have to wait- I've not even turned on my computer (or been able to get to it) in days, and mostly did so today to burn backups off.

Here's some of the stills I've taken.  They were all taken with my new cell phone, the aptly named (for me) Samsung RANT .  It shoots at the same resolution as my still camera, but generally the photos come out better.

My mother is very excited about us moving, and we need to do this, but there's much I love about Chicago, much I'll miss.  I love the Lake of course, the mass transit (best in the Midwest), the eclectic diversity of the place.  People wise, Snark rocks, but beyond that, there aren't any, other than "my" street people.  I hope someone else here comes along who will look at them has human beings worth a second of their time, and not just as another pile of refuse to step over.

Anyway, this is but a sample of what I've shot this week.  I'll probably still be uploading backlogged Chicago stuff when we've lived in Indy a year!

PS- I see some have taken me up on my challenge, but I'm not going to do anything other than thank those who have commented, and urge on those who haven't, until well after we're settled in in Indy!

PS#2- Barb's recovering as expected. She showed me her place yesterday... very nice, I'm happy for her. Pix and vid of that are in the que too.

PS for rug folk- been doing some very creative things, lots of stories and pix to upload there too, once we're settled in!

Questions, comments?

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