Monday, December 28, 2009

My right femur broke for no apparent reason, have been in hospital, now in PT, still no etiology

Its been a wild time for me of late. A week ago last Thursday I spent half the day in MRIs and a bone density scan. Before I even got my coat off, the doctor's office was calling because they'd scheduled an emergency appointment for me the next day. On arriving, I found out the bone scan had revealed I'd broken my femur right below the joint, and emergency surgery was scheduled for the next morning.

Went in for that, they used a relatively new procedure to put a 1/4" rod in my femur so it could bear load again. The bone scan revealed significant ostepoenia, especially in the top of my femur, along with several other "hot spots." These hot spots, and the absence of any other apparent cause for the pain I'd been in and the broken bone (I suffered no accident, when not making rugs had been very physically active and fit) the concern for cancer was raised.

So I was in a sub-ICU unit, beautiful place, top notch. Were I to get into personal details here, I'd be singing the hospital and nurses' praises, and I am writing lavish thank-yous to them.

The next day I had a consult with an oncologist, who ordered a CT scan.

A week ago today a different oncologist told me of some anomalies on the CT scan which, combined with the afore mentioned "hot spots," had them concerned that I was in stage 4 renal cancer.

What a fun day that was! Additional scans were ordered, these ultra-sound. They revealed the anomalies were benign cysts. We didn't find that out until the next morning though. It was a rough night for me, my wife, my family and friends.

I was discharged that day, but will be in physical therapy and off my feet for quite some time, as I have been since about my wife's birthday.

We've ruled out many horrible things as the cause, but we have no idea why this has happened.

I don't generally post about my personal life here- I have other places for that- but since this has resulted in a much more prolonged absence than I had planned, and will continue to keep me away, I wanted to offer a word of explanation.

I'm not checking email often, but if you want to know more of the gory details and medical stuff, drop me an email, and when I'm up to it, I'll either tell you about it in private, or direct you to my personal blog. I've not been updating it either, but a dear friend of mine has been keeping people there apprised for me.

My friends and family, doctors and nurses, have been wonderful blessings to me through this. I have no complaints. Merde happens- why shouldn't it happen to me?

And yes, I was working on a rug while in the hospital. So imagine me there, IV in one hand, cuffs on my legs to keep circulation going, being taken out for scans several times a day, working on a rug!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sari rug - and now for something completely different!

Here's the photos of the most unusual rug I've ever made

This rug is NOTHING like I've ever done before, or ever will again... I cut the strips very narrow, stitched very loosely except the final row.

I like to do different things with each rug... and having done this... I don't expect I'll do it this way again.

Colors worked well, but not ones I liked.

Mostly made from saris I "rescued" from an ignominious interment in a landfill when we lived in Chicago.

Questions, comments?

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