Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One leather skirt = a 9 inch rug center

Skirt specs: Size 12, knee length.

This is the center of my "retina recovery rug." Next I'll do blue jeans, doing one pair at a time. I have a whole series of photos showing how I chose which jeans to go with this skirt, etc., to do as a tutorial for how the creative process works, but that will have to wait. Our female dog gave birth while sleeping on me last night, so... .

Monday, March 2, 2009

Toothbrush rugs: Improved videos- basic stitch, finishing off a rug AND photos of the "gentle pastel rug"

  • I finished the gentle pastel rug
  • I shot some well lit videos in a quiet place.
  • I came up with a name for this rug- the "Brisk Rent Riot Rug" (its obtuse, its supposed to be, don't try to understand it. )
I've been wanting to get some better videos shot and this rug done for 2 months now! This rug could best be categorized as a "thank you rug" or a "gratefulness rug." There are some people from our previous lives who have stuck with us, prayed for us, loved us, helped us out, when few others have done any of those things. They don't (to my knowledge) read my blog or facebook page, don't know its coming, never asked for it. They've been masks of God and means of Grace to us, and turn about is fair play and well overdue!

First- the video showing the basic stitching technique:

Watch Toothbrush rugs- doing the basic stitch | View More Free Videos Online at

Next, a video showing how to finish a rug off or tie it off.

There is no "right" way to do this, but this is what works for me!

Watch Toothbrush Rugs- finishing one off | View More Free Videos Online at
I hope these videos are clearer and more helpful than the ones I shot in Chicago, but if there's any way I can make future such videos more helpful, I'm always game. I'm a great rug maker, but I have no pride when it comes to these videos... especially since I usually shoot them without help of anyone else behind the camera. In this case, my wife was asleep with a brutal migraine (what other kind does she have? ;< ) elsewhere, so I had the time and space to set up a tripod in a bright quiet place.

Now some stills of the rug

This is the finished rug

This is one of the most beautiful rugs I've ever done, I'm glad to be giving it to such beautiful people... and I hope its at least a decade before I work with Pink again!

I have a "retina recovery rug" in progress which is made of a leather skirt center, and will have jeans around the outside, but I've not gotten around to finishing my rather detailed [me... verbose and precise... never! ] description of how I chose the colors and shades of jean to use, so... that will be for another time. It certainly is turning out well, and you should see the expressions of people when they see me stitching with LEATHER!

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