Friday, September 12, 2008

The rug is done, but I'm leaving for the wedding presently so pix and vid next week

I did get the rug finished in time. It turned out being 29", by far the largest jean rug I've made. It only took 19 days, which for a normal rug would be nothing, but it took quite a toll on my fingers, knuckles, etc., doing a denim rug that quickly.

I'm leaving for the wedding after I've taken care of getting my wife to the doctor etc. I'll be back sometime next week. I won't be having as long a visit with my dear mother as usual since her oldest living cousin died yesterday, so she's leaving for her funeral Sunday. I'll stick around till Monday or Tuesday doing household maint. for her, then head back.

So look for pictures and video of the "Fade to black" jean rug sometime late next week.

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