Thursday, October 2, 2008

A new beautiful start (Photo) - But I don't know what to call this one yet- suggestions?

This equals only about 3 hours work- starts are easy for me.  The pattern will be three rows pink print to one row teal print, as long as the teal holds out.  I havea LOT more pink than teal.

This will DEFINITELY be for sale... its contrary in every way to our idiom, but beautiful none the less.

I don't know what to call this rug though... country kitchen, cute and cuddly...?  Suggestions?

As dark and painful as things might be, I can always work on my rugs, and turn to my wife.

(She'll be calling her doctor during his calling hours today... once that's figured out, we'll call mine about my foot.)


Bobbie said...

this is lovely...I thought of "eye candy" when I saw it....
It's wonderful how you name all of your rugs..furthers the already very personnel touch.

Bobbie said...

your rug is beautiful...I thought of "eye candy" when I saw it...I love that you give names to your rugs.

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