Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why yes, the cat DOES have my tongue- and here she is! And here is a little of what I'd be saying were she to let go

Yes, the cat does have my tongue!

I don't generally post these days unless I can say it well, and lately, that muse just hasn't been with me.  Instead, I've been chopping wood, taking care of Tess, blitzed out with either allergies or a cold, fencing in the dogs, and so forth.

I have several projects in the works rug wise about which I wish I were posting.
  • A photo expose of my "retina recovery rug" which will have a leather center and jean body.
  • A video about repairing a rug which has suffered the ravages of an overly agitated (agitating?) washing machine or dog... or both
  • Rug stories... there's always rug stories
So when my sinuses let up or the cat lets go, that's what I'll blog about.  Until then, enjoy the cute kitty!  Most of the pictures in the slide show are of her hiding among the boxes of rug mat'l in the garage, as is the photo below.  I also took a particularly difficult piece of fabric and made a cozy cove for her, but as soon as I approach she jumps out to rub against me, so no photos of her in it yet.

Phoebe was our cat, we gave her and another to my parents when we moved in 1997. The other cat died, but Phoebe is still fine. She was the fiercest of the kittens from her litter, but now she is very affectionate. She loves tormenting the Papillon dogs when they are outside, she always knows how far their leads will let them go, or how small a space they occupy.

This is my favorite picture of Phoebe

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