Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm either out of my mind with pain, or from the pain meds - no news

I keep waiting for the pain to break or the docs to have a clue as to why its happening... neither is the case. Most of the time I'm either out of my mind with pain or from the meds to control it.

Terminal situation still ongoing... don't know how long this sunset will last. The photo I made with Psa 46 was appreciated, and I'm working on another those rare seconds of the day when I can tell up from down, etc.

Thanks beyond words to all who have been thinking of / praying for me.

If you have another means of contacting me, feel free to... nothing else in all reality could affect or drain me like this pain does and is. So call, write, stop by, sail up the creek... I'm not in a bad mood or bad way, just unable to interact with or engage much reality beyond the pain.

Calling surgeon tomorrow to try to get better pain management, see the endocrinologist Weds to find out if he has any guesses, or if we move on to the next specialist. Still think I'll wind up seeing every one EXCEPT ob/gyn... pretty safe on that not being an issue!

Have taken some brilliant pix, had some great times with Tess and friends... but my moments of lucidity and functionality are few and fleeting.

The photo is subtle wry humor at my condition of life... click on this link to read about it and you'll understand.

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