Monday, April 5, 2010

Christ broke free of Hell on Easter - I got sucked back into it (physically)

I can barely get my fingers to type, and I'm relying on my touch typing skills because everything I see is blurred... its as if either the throbbing of blood in my body or the oscillation of the electronics- though supposedly both at frequencies we're not able to perceive- is affecting my vision.

Wanted to drop a place holder post here, as I had been so very active before last weekend.

The crazy itchiness and spasms of my muscle fibers has grown and enveloped me. Its affecting more than just my right leg now. It itches so badly I feel like I'd like to peel back the skin and connective tissues and scratch the muscles themselves!

Along with that, the deep impenetrable fog.

We did have a perfectly lovely time with family on Easter. My cousin Dan- about the only relative on either side who's close in age to me- came over, as did my brother and his family. So Tess and I got good family and kinder time in.

They LOVED the slide I dug in to the side of the hill, and gave it a right royal workout... it never budged!

So... I'm outa here till this abates or we figure out what is going on.

Usual procedures and policies- if you're local or passing through, you're welcome, and if you have other means to contact me, feel free.


amyand said...

God bless you and Tess. I am so sorry about your pain. I watched my husband suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia for years. He is free of pain through a combination of doctors, dentists and the Elders at church laying their hands on him. I pray for the same for your dear man. Love and peace,

The Rug Goth said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I was unable to follow you back to your page, so I hope you happen by here again.

I'm seeing a pain specialist next Weds.

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