Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My my blue-jean rug be a blessing upon Cheryl and Warren as their friendship has been to me.

Its been a very eventful time for me. In my personal life, I'm finishing up my classes and fighting off a nasty cold/flu.

But in the midst of that, a dear friend of mine from the blog world- Cheryl- informed me that she was so taken with the beauty of this rug that she would like to buy it. Since I'd already planned on offering up it up on e-bay, but enjoy bargaining about as much as I enjoy doing taxes, and since Cheryl is such a dear person, that was perfect. But then she made it even more precious. For reasons she gets into on her blog, she asked me to say a blessing for her and her husband Warren over the rug. (She knows I am an ordained pastor, though I left the church body in which I was working, and am now in nursing school.) The rug is going out to her tomorrow, but the blessing is going out now, via this post, and the video. I've embedded the Veoh version, since I'm told that they show the videos at highest quality.

My dear wife Tess assisted with shooting the video and she wrote the blessing in Hebrew and English since
      • Her writing is legible
  • Her Hebrew is far better than mine (her degree is in Biblical languages!)
  • Cheryl is also her friend, and she wanted to be a part of this all.

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