Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Q&A on rug starts, continued

This picture is of the BACK of my "magnum opus" Anniversary Rug, the one shown in front view, B&W, in the letter in the Chicago Tribune.

Click on it to make it large- see that "v" shape, with the tail coming off the top left? That's a "fix" I did because the material I used to start this rug wasn't sturdy enough. As the rug grew to immense size, I noticed it was tugging pretty hard at the center. So I reinforced it using the same technique shown in the video series with my mother.

The moral of the story... even if you plan to use something with a loose springy weave for most of the rug, make your start (up to at least 5 rows) from a fabric which does NOT stretch and is very sturdy.
Your basic cotton poly blends in a normal dress shirt or sheet work great, or you can even go with something more rugged like a light denim or men's dockers style pants.

I have gotten some more great questions here and on Youtube, and I'll be working to answer them both text and video. Thanks very much! I love getting questions, it helps me refine my teaching technique, and tells me what you need! I'll do it with my wife, since she's just learning to make the rugs herself, so she also asks good questions.

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