Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome Readers of the Tribune - How to use this site & video: the most fun you can have recycling!

Welcome readers of the Chicago Tribune's Home & Garden section. I'm glad they saw fit to publish my note about my "little craft", and I'm glad you're here.

The best way to use this site is to click on the keyword which most interests you. This blog is a mixture of tutorials, pictures, and stories of what went into the rugs, etc.

Rescued from the landfill for rugs- Veoh high res version

Online Videos by

Rescued from the landfill for rugs- Youtube low res higher speed version


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this craft to our attention. This is a great way to recycle and make use of "dead time". I will try to start this new craft today! I hope to fill my home with rugs with meaning, from all the old children's clothing and what not we have around. We will literally walk on our own history.

The Rug Goth said...

You're most welcome, its my pleasure. I'm truly delighted the Tribune saw fit to publish my letter.

Yes indeed, you understand exactly the beauty of the craft- it takes things which would be thrown out, and turns them into something beautiful and durable. It is also a wonderful way to preserve memories... as the rug pictured in the letter in the Trib attests. When we look at that rug- which is in the center of our bedroom, as we see the different bands of color, we remember when my wife wore a given dress, the pants I wore when I first doffed my cap to her (and made her swoon), and so forth.

Welcome, feel free to post any questions you have, I'm glad to be of any assistance possible.

And on the dead time, again, right on. I work on them on the "L", while sitting in the doctor's office with my wife (she's disabled and goes to the doctor at least once a week), and so forth.

Questions, comments?

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