Monday, March 31, 2008

Q&A- How long to make the strips? - AND- An intersting site to check out- knitted rag rugs

A friend of mine just made me aware of this site

An entry which may be of interest is one on making one long strip from a large piece of fabric.

I've tried similar things before, but found that it didn't usually work for this technique because the corners tended to "rip out." But maybe it'll work for others of you... if it does, wunderbar! Let me know!

I have used a spiral cut with pantyhose, socks, and other very "givey" or stretchy fabrics.

Q&A: So long do you make the strips?
That varies on
  • type of fabric,
  • how tightly you stitch,
  • and personal preference.

Obviously, longer the strip, the more you have to pull through on each stitch. Correspondingly, the shorter the strip, the more junctions you need.

For my purposes, I've found that strips longer than 3' get unwieldy, but my sister who stitches much more loosely than I commonly uses strips twice that long. With the looser stitch, there's less friction. Its all a matter of personal taste.

You know over arching philosophy with this is- this craft should be about fun, about making treasure from trash, not rules.

So... experiment with different lengths and different fabrics. If the strip is too long and gets unwieldy, just chop it, put slits in each end, and do a joint when its time.

HAVE FUN, and do what works for YOU!

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