Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

My mother's mother had a sign with this quaint saying on it hanging in her kitchen, and now, I can REALLY relate.

For five weeks now, its been "boot camp" intense and busy in all regards here. We had our anniversary in early June, then Tess got sicker, then we had to get everything ready for the trip back to the place-formerly-called-home, while there our car engine almost melted, my brother's alcoholism (and family's passive enabling of it) both exploded back in my life, and my dog died. We got back reeling from all that, got a new puppy, then Tess went into the hospital.

During this time, Barb's been trying to recover from a shoulder injury without going under the knife.

So if it's had to be done, I've been the one to do it. Well, I'm done done in!

I am going to have to be pretty selfish for a while and take care of and love myself because... somebody's got to!

I wish I could say when I'll be back to visit your pages or post more blogs, but I'd best not make promises I just don't have the ability to keep.

Here's a few pictures from the various aspects of my/our life to tide you by.

The Sari rug is my "travel rug" - I work on it on the "L" at the store, etc. The Son of Monarch I started in Indy, worked on at the hospital, and now work on at home.

I'm sure I'll try to sell the Sari rug (really is made from Saris!), its not at all our idiom, but I've not had the time or energy to pursue selling the 50s/confetti rug on Ebay or Etsy. We could REALLY use the money, but... I've such a back log of things I have to do which I know how to do, that going into uncharted territory just isn't likely to happen anytime soon.

Tess and I went to the Lake this morning, and saw this

(Taken with the Aiptek, it actually got the color balance right for a change.)

Savina is up to 5 pounds, and is very cute and cuddly!

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