Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toothbrush rugs: Tutorial on how I plan a rug, pix of my two current ones

I've not posted to the rug blog in a while, nor about the rugs on my regular blog. So I thought I'd give you a couple of pictures showing how my current rugs are progressing and a video discussing the planning of my next rug (which I'll start while back at my mother's for her 80th birthday party.)

The Sari Rug

The "Daughter of Monarch rug"

This one is almost finished.

The Video

This video discusses how I go from a pile of clothes to a plan for a rug. As usual, this will be a free style rug. When making them for my own purposes/pleasure and stress relief, that's how I do them. Patterns or more precise sequencing put more work into it. I'm willing to do that from time to time as a challenge, but usually I only do those when its on commission or for a gift.

Online Videos by
And here's a slideshow of all the rug pix I've uploaded to multiply

See you all when I'm back from my mother's 80th, and recovered from same! God bless and keep you all!

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