Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Raw Materiels- This is the ultimate recycling!

1) Old clothing or fabric scraps. (You can also make them from
pantyhose and plastic bags, but I strong don't recommend these to
beginners!) The easiest with which to work are your basic cotton/poly
blends as in a normal dress shirt.

It will take about 5 pounds of cut up clothes (that is, with
decorations and seams removed) to make a normal sized rug of about 22"
diameter. Obviously that will vary some by what kind of material you
use, but that gives a good general idea.

With my stitches, about 1 foot of strip comes out to about 1 inch of
sewn row.

2) An old flat handled toothbrush OR a small cheap paintbrush (1/2"
head is about ideal.) Either way, you'll chop off the head/brush
part, sharpen the point into a needle (as tapered and smooth as
possible), and drill a hole on the other end, or enlarge the extant
one, as large as possible without weakening it.

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