Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been wanting to find ways to help popularize and publicize this fine, fun, easy craft. Lately I've taken to walking around Chicago working on rugs, and its generated interest- GREAT. But now I need a way for people to find out more about it. But so far the pages I've created haven't shown up much in search engines or generated much traffic. So I'm giving this a try.

This rug is the most beautiful I've ever made, and a good example of one of the best aspects of the craft- you can take old clothes with memories, and make a rug which will last a lifetime. Most of these are clothes Tess and I wore when we were dating/courting/just married over a decade ago. Some have worn out, some don't fit, but its not as if we were just going to pitch the dress she wore when we got engaged, or the silk bathrobes we wore on our honeymoon!

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