Saturday, February 16, 2008

Administrativia: The contact form & Please send questions and suggestions for improvement of tutorial videos

On email and the comment form

I added a comment form to the bottom of every page. I tried to put it in the sidebar, but the widget wouldn't fit no matter what I did. The verification code can be a ROYAL pain... it took me 6 tries to get it right.

You can always send me email to the dedicated email address I posed earlier. When I have the time, I'll modify the image on the page header to include it, but right now... that somewhere below sorting my ties by color and length on my list of priorities.

Please send suggestions for how I can make the beginners' tutorials better

Two people over at Youtube have had some very helpful suggestions, but I've just not had a block of time to put into it which has coincided with my wife being well enough to assist with the camera work.

So until then... keep the comments and questions coming! Really- no matter how picky or seemingly trivial, I want to know how I can make my tutorial videos better and more useful. When those planets do align, I'll incorporate as many as I can.

(One bit of "behind the curtain" info for you though- I do NOT have software which is capable of editing and adjusting the brightness, sound, etc., on videos, nor a machine which has the "horsepower" to run said software, so... if those are issues, we'll do our best with where we shoot the videos etc., but our hands are pretty tied on this count.)

So post them here as a comment, send them to the email, use the comment form, what ever...

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