Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Any rug makers want some "rescued" sheets and blankets? -or- Any way to get rid of smoke odor besides soaking something in "Febreeze"?

I found some perfect rug material destined for an ignominious home in a landfill and saved it from that fate- 2 blankets, a sheet, and a blanket which was coming apart (so I finished the job and it yielded two sheets.)

The problem is- the unwitting donor was a MASSIVE smoker, and tobacco smoke is a major trigger for my wife's migraines.

I've "Febreezed" and "lysoled" them heavily, but I'm not optimistic that it will reduce enough of the smoke odor for me to be able to work on them.

So... if any of you rug makers would like them, drop me a note at the address in the image above. If you're local to Chicago that'd be easiest, but if you're elsewhere, just pay shipping and they're yours.

One sheet is royal blue, twin
One blanket is white, twin
One blanket is camouflage, twin
The "converted sheets" look like they're queen size

The reason I think these- especially the sheets, would be ideal for beginners is that they make for nice long strips, the fabric doesn't give or stretch or fray. You do need to use very wide strips- maybe 2 to 3"- but they're exactly what I recommend for beginners... especially after my disaster in trying to give my beginner rug maker wife corduroy to use, *grin*

The blankets are a little tricker- you need excruciatingly thin strips- no thicker than 1/2", and the joints tend to rip out if you're not careful, but they make wonderfully cushy lush rugs.

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