Monday, February 4, 2008

All of the sudden... I'm almost done with my "50s / pastel" rug

This is the rug I've been working on lately. It started out as a way to use the scraps from my "magnum opus" anniversary rug, but it took on a life of its own.

The salmons and purples were ones allocated to Tess which she decided to not use in her current rug.

Many of the colors which start showing up from row 7 onwards are things I "rescued" from going into landfills. As I've found new items, any which would work with the chromatic or tonal theme of the rug, I've integrated into it. In the last couple of rows, you'll see a couple new ones appear which I just came across in the last few days. The new burgundy was a covering of a beat up couch left outside my friend Snark's place. The dusty rose striped strip, a battered bathrobe. Going back a few rows, the really bright salmon was the lining to a ripped and stained coat. (When we are given or I find coats, sweaters, etc., which someone could use, we find a way to donate them. Often my MiL Barb gives them to the cold homeless folks she sees by work. We don't want to give them directly to people here, as that's not using good city schmartz.) (I really wish we had some sort of collective here where people could take items- not just clothes- which are usable but which they no longer need, and other people who donate could take them.)

So... if anyone fancies this, speak up now, and tell me how large you'd like it to get. Else, I'll probably take it up to about the customary 26", and decide whether I want to go to the trouble of trying to sell in ebay or etsy, or just keep it around until we have the occasion to give it to a deserving friend.

When I'm done with this rug I'll start another similar rug- I have one gym bag filled with cut fabric, and another with fabric which has been prepped (zippers removed, etc.) but not made into strips.

These colors are VERY much not our idiom, which is why I'll be either selling or "gifting" it, but this has been immense fun. Maybe somebody with better knowledge of music or art than I have could tell me what I'm doing, what the unifying theme is. I know I'm doing some sort of tone play- using complimentary and contrasting tones, but I don't know the technical terminology... I just know it looks AWESOME. Its also fun to work my new "discoveries" into the rug as I go along.

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