Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rug makers: Anyone want to make a pantyhose rug and at the same time honor a dear woman's memory?

I was contacted by a person regarding a large quantity of hosiery her mother had saved up to make a rug, but it never came to pass. She would love someone who follows after her mother's craft to have them, the issue is arranging shipping. To protect this person's privacy, I shan't say where she is other than that she is NOT local to Chicago (so I can't just hop on the "L" and go pick them up) but if you'd be interested, drop me a line at my dedicated rug email address, as shown in the picture.

I don't know yet the quantity or weight. I told the donor I'd put out a note on my blogs to see who might be interested, to see if
  • There might be anyone who really wants to make a hose rug such that they'd be willing to cover shipping costs
  • There might be someone closer to her than I am.

On hosiery rugs, I'll say this: Though they are among the more difficult to make, they are absolutely luscious when finished. Walking on them is utter ambrosia!


You Don't Know Me said...

The yellow thing is a bowling ball polisher or you can even carry it in it.

The Rug Goth said...

Yeh, someone on one of my other blogs told me that too. Not much one for sports, except watching the Indy 500, so...

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